Persuasive, Expressive, Powerful

A Heightened Sense Of Immediacy, Coherence And Resolution
Distinguishes Eloquence From All Other High-End Audio Power Cords

You own a High-End Audio system
comprised of “best of the best” components,
but you’re still not satisfied with the sound.
There’s something’s missing…


When considering “best of the best” High-End Audio systems it’s not about technical merits. It’s about how the sound makes you feel!

It’s all about passion!

An eloquent speaker’s persuasive power comes not only from their choice of words but more importantly, by how they express those words. The vocal inflections, the emphasis placed on some words, even the pauses are intended to have an emotional effect; to make the audience not only believe but also feel their message.

This enhanced persuasive power and ability to stir one’s emotions is what Eloquence imparts to your High-End Audio system.  Let Eloquence power your system and ignite your passion!

Eloquence endows your system with:

  • Compelling Immediacy, Coherence & Resolution
  • Lifelike Dynamics, Authority & Transient Speed
  • “High Definition” Soundstage Dimensionality & Precision
  • Tonally Rich, Natural  Timbres
  • Extended Bass With Definition & Tone

The magnitude of improvement is transformative;
comparable to replacing a major component.


Immediacy is that quality of a performance that gets your attention!  It’s the way an artist expresses their feelings in their vocals and instrumentals; like that special accent or the emphasis placed on a particular note. To communicate compelling immediacy requires combining lifelike macro-dynamic scale, authority and transient speed, with exquisite control of micro-dynamic details. Eloquence elevates your system to a level that you can’t help becoming emotionally engaged with the performance! You’ll feel stimulated and excited; like you’re attending a live concert every time you listen!


To deliver the most emotionally engaging performance possible from your High-End Audio System, it’s simply not enough for it to do the technical things well. Your system needs an “element” that brings together individual components to operate with a sense of cohesion that elevates the performance to a level greater than the sum of its parts. That element is Eloquence! Eloquence actually enhances signal processing and amplification, preserving coherence through every stage from digital sources to pre-amps, and on to power amplifiers and subwoofers.


Resolution is the ambient information that creates a sense of the acoustic space where the performance originally occurred. Resolution is that subtle expression, the breathing of a singer, the sustain of the piano or guitar note, the reverberations of sound from the enclosed space. Without resolution, the illusion of being in the recorded space with the artist cannot be formed. With Eloquence, you’ll hear every nuance captured in the recording – and sometimes details you never knew were there!

How does the performance
of your High-End Audio system
make you feel?

Passion Exemplified

The essence of music is emotion. Your listening experience should always be passionate and emotionally fulfilling, comparable to attending a live concert. If your system doesn’t stir your emotions and make you feel the performance, then you need Eloquence.

Eloquence will redefine the level of performance that you thought possible from your High-End Audio system. The degree of musical authenticity your audio system will be capable of is at once stunning, yet beautiful. No matter the musical genre, your system will reveal all the expressiveness, emotion and passionate performance captured in the recordings.

Also, you’ll realize a sense of completeness and satisfaction with your audio system that you’ve been chasing for years; constantly making changes trying to improve the performance of your system, but never able to reach a state of contentment, until now.

If you are among those
who can appreciate and afford the very best
High-End Audio has to offer,
you owe it to yourself
to experience Eloquence.

No Compromise, Period.

Combining Leading-Edge Technology, Hand Craftsmanship, Luxury & Style

Like the finest sports and luxury automobiles, Eloquence exudes a “jewel quality”. A unique, sleeving material developed for Eloquence gives the cable a reflectivity like the facets of a cut diamond and a soft, silky texture. The Furutech “NCF” power connectors compliment both the aesthetic and performance objectives established for Eloquence.

Our proprietary termination process that includes epoxy filling the connectors, affords the best electrical conductivity and highest mechanical integrity for long-term reliability.  But it’s the new, patented cable geometry that endows Eloquence with its incomparable performance.

The creative force behind Essential Sound Products, Michael Griffin designed and patented a cable geometry first introduced in “The Essence” power cord.  The Essence quickly established a new performance standard for High-End Audio.  The Absolute Sound reviewed The Essence and commented:

“At last, a power cord that can properly be termed, a component.”


This latest, patented cable geometry for Eloquence is the culmination of Michael Griffin’s more than 25-years’ experience designing high-performance ac power cords for all audio applications including home audio and Home Theater, musical instruments, recording studio gear and live sound.

In developing the new, patented geometry for Eloquence, Michael Griffin re-evaluated his previous designs to look for opportunities to further improve upon transient current flow and reduce phase distortions. The result is a significantly more complex multi-conductor cable geometry than previous designs with alternating line and neutral conductors, enveloped between inner and outer shields.  This new cable geometry represents significant, fundamental improvements in both transient current flow and reduced phase distortion.

A great design can fall short of its performance potential if it is executed poorly.  No detail was overlooked in the manufacture of Eloquence.


Eloquence’ cable construction
is optimized by hand-selecting
individual components and is
completely hand built.

Hand building the multi-layered Eloquence cable assembly facilitates enhanced mechanical integrity versus a machine made cable.  Just as is the case with any current carrying component, the cable must be made to resist internally or externally induced vibrations that can cause white noise and a loss of resolution. This painstaking process assures that each cable is built to exacting specifications for maximum performance.

The exceptional Furutech NCF connectors are modified for use in our proprietary termination process. Once the electrical connections are made, the connectors are pre-sealed in preparation for epoxy injection. Our epoxy injection process involves gravity fill with a low viscosity fluid that flows around every internal component, hermetically sealing the connector, providing mechanical damping and excellent strain relief.

All current carrying components are cryogenically treated to -300 degrees F. Cryogenic treatment permanently changes the crystal grain structure of copper by eliminating gaps between grain boundaries. This improves electrical conductivity and reduces resistance; thereby, improving clarity and resolution.

A Complete Power System

The Matching Eloquence Power Distributor Extends Performance

The very best power cord demands a distribution component that maintains and extends its performance without compromise. The Eloquence Power Distributor is designed to be that perfect compliment.

The Power Distributor’s cylindrical styling with fluted surface reflects the interdisciplinary engineering approach employed analyzing every component detail.  The extruded aluminum chassis with constant varying wall thickness provides excellent rigidity and self-damping properties.  We also focused our attention on internal components and assembly. A new chassis damping and component vibration isolation system was developed to assure the Power Distributor’s performance is not compromised by airborne or structure borne vibrations.

Internally, the Power Distributor is connected in a “star” configuration, meaning each duplex outlet is hard-wired directly to the power cord. A power distributor is not complete without a power cord, which is also critically important to its performance. Moreover, hard-wiring the power cord assures optimal current flow at arguably the most important connection.

custom designed, hand-assembled wiring harness was required to match the electrical properties of the Eloquence power cord. Our custom manufactured Reference Duplex Outlets are hospital grade and feature electrical-grade bronze contacts and isolated grounding system. All current carrying components used in the Eloquence Power Distributor are cryogenically treated to -300 degrees F.


Each Eloquence Is Individually Serial Numbered; Limited To Only 100


Accompanying each Eloquence Power Cord or Eloquence Power Network is a signed certificate of authenticity to verify your products are the genuine article, hand-crafted by inventor and artisan Michael Griffin.

Eloquence is a masterpiece of engineering innovation and artistry of power cable design.  Every power cable reflects a sense of bold luxurious style combined with build quality that is a testament to Mr. Griffin’s pride and passion for the product.  Michael Griffin is a perfectionist.  Each and every Eloquence exudes jewel quality and excellence.  Excellence takes time.  Therefore, Mr. Griffin has committed to build only 100 Eloquence power cords.

Be one of the select few to own and experience Eloquence!

The Designer

Eloquence Is The Embodiment Of A 25-Year Journey To Achieve Perfection

What do you do with all the knowledge and experience accumulated over 25-years of design and development experience producing high performance ac power cords for practically every audio application?  If you are inventor and design engineer Michael Griffin, you pull out another clean sheet of paper, and ask again “what should the state-of-the-art power cord design be to take performance to the next level”.

An engineer by training with five (5) US patents to his name, Michael Griffin has always employed a rigorous engineering problem solving approach that requires in-depth understanding of how the system works before attempting to design components to improve its performance.  That’s why his designs have resulted in genuine performance advancements that are not just different, but fundamentally better.  Power cords based upon Michael Griffin’s designs have been validated to actually affect significant, measurable performance improvements to connected audio components in THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) and IMD (Intermodulation Distortion).

About Eloquence Michael Griffin says:

“It’s a rare opportunity to make
what you consider the perfect product,
or as close to perfection as possible.
For me, Eloquence is that product.
I get a great deal of satisfaction from
the technical achievement.
But, I get even more enjoyment from
listening to my reference audio system
powered by Eloquence.”

We welcome you to audition Eloquence and experience for yourself the exciting performance improvements it affords.

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